MaxyLab walkthrough — Everything you need to know!

9 min readNov 18, 2021

MaxyLab is a multifaceted, innovative social project that bridges Discord to the WAX blockchain by connecting users with NFTs, MaxCoin mining, and many more interactive features that benefit all chained communities.

The MaxyLab Discord server is the main hub for goldies. From collecting and blending NFTs, to farming for MaxCoin, and even learning about new projects! Members of partnered communities can also mine for MaxCoin and take advantage of other features available only from The Scientist bot.

MaxyLab Multichain also provides marketing and custom bot services to other NFT communities, giving them a shine

This article also comes as the very first complete guide to interact with whole Maxylab gang of goldies and enthusiasts from among all socials!

Lab Community

MaxyLab’s Discord server is the heart of the MaxyLab community. Here, members can access a wealth of information on cryptocurrency and investments, participate in giveaways and airdrops, mine MaxCoin, learn about partner collections, and chat with friends.

The Scientist — Community Management on Discord

MaxyLab Discord is also the home of The Scientist, a custom bot used to manage The Lab and partnered communities.

The Scientist distributes MaxCoin, hosts the Discord shop, grants server roles based on NFT ownership, manages private channels, and much much more.

NFTs from MaxyLab

The MaxyLab Discord community is free to join, and everyone is welcome to participate in the discussion. But, members must own some MaxyLab NFTs in order to take advantage of all the project has to offer. These NFTs are available exclusively on WAX.

  • Collab stickers are distributed to verified members of our partner communities. Each partner project determines their own whitelisting requirements. Holding a collab sticker allows you to register with The Scientist, receive special roles and private channel access in the partner server, and use basic MaxCoin mining functions.
  • MaxyLab stickers (bronzie, silverio, goldie, diamond, and ruby) are collectable, blendable NFTs. They do not grant access to MaxCoin mining.
  • Discord Heroes celebrates those who keep the MaxyLab community going. Cards can be bought individually on the secondary market, or in packs from MaxyLab. Each character is available in four rarities that can be blended into even rarer versions. Additional characters will be added via community vote or competition. Holding a Discord Heroes NFT allows you to register with The Scientist and use basic MaxCoin mining features.
  • The MaxCoin NFT was designed for community members to show their support for MaxyLab. Holders can register with The Scientist and use basic MaxCoin mining features.
  • Golden Membership is a unique program designed for goldies, the most devoted MaxyLab community members. With this NFT, you can register with The Scientist, use advanced MaxCoin mining features, and access benefits and perks, including games, extra income, exclusive auctions, a private discussion channel, and access to exclusive shop items in the official MaxyLab Discord server.

MaxyLab NFTs Utility

While only one NFT is required to access The Scientist’s features, we will soon be implementing a leaderboard and achievements to reward our most avid collectors. Stay tuned for more informations!

Registering with The Scientist

To register with The Scientist, you will need a WAX wallet and a collab sticker, Discord Heroes NFT, MaxCoin NFT, or Golden Membership from the maxylabchain collection.

Once you have one of the required cards in your wallet, go to #the-lab in the MaxyLab Discord, or any partnered Discord, and type $login. Follow the prompts from The Scientist to connect your WAX wallet with your Discord account.

You are ready to begin!

MaxCoin is a Discord PoA (proof of action) token, obtained through interactions with The Scientist bot on Discord. MaxCoin is not a real currency — you can’t withdraw your coins to another wallet, you can’t spend real FIAT money to buy maxcoins, exchange them for cryptocurrency, or spend them outside of the MaxyLab community. But, you can use MaxCoins to participate in MaxyLab lotteries, play Discord games, and buy exclusive and limited NFTs from MaxyLab and partnered collections in the Discord shop.

Getting started with MaxCoin Mining

Mining is available in two levels: basic and advanced.

  • Basic mining allows you to use the $mine command, and to purchase certain items from the Discord shop. Basic mining is available to anyone who holds a collab sticker, MaxCoin, or Discord Heroes NFT (any rarity) in their wallet.
  • Advanced mining allows users to $mine, $collect, $duel, and purchase all items from the Discord $shop. Advanced mining is available only to users who own a Golden Membership.

Earning MaxCoins

After you register with The Scientist, you can earn MaxCoin by chatting or by mining.

  • Chatting: earn one MaxCoin every 30 seconds simply by chatting in the Main Lounge or VIP chat in the MaxyLab Discord. This function is only available in MaxyLab Discord.
  • Mining: mine for MaxCoins in any Discord that hosts The Scientist bot. Simply go to #the-lab and type $mine to receive between 1 and 5 MaxCoins. You may do this once every 30 minutes.

Remember to watch for Happy Hours. At random times throughout the day, Happy Hour is activated and you will receive double rewards on each $mine and $collect.

Using your MaxCoins

Once you have chatted, mined, and collected a few times, you will have enough MaxCoins to start using them for some sweet rewards!

Lottery Tickets

Community members can use MaxCoin to buy lottery tickets for the MaxCoin jackpot drawing, held at a random time each day. Each ticket costs just 10 MaxCoin!

To buy tickets, type $maxshop in #the-lab and follow the prompts from The Scientist.


If you have a Golden Membership, you can $duel other community members. Once every 3 hours, bet up to 10 MaxCoins in a game of Rock Paper Scissors. Each month, the top 3 duelers on the leaderboard receive an exclusive NFT. Check your rank by typing $leaderboard duel in #the-lab.

To play, go the the #duels channel in the MaxyLab Discord and type $duel @username #maxcoins. (See example below.) Then, follow the prompts from The Scientist.

Once a challenge has been issued, each player has 30 seconds to accept. If your opponent declines or doesn’t respond, or if you forget to accept, neither of you will lose any MaxCoins, and you can try again.

After your opponent has accepted, you each have 30 seconds to choose rock, paper, or scissors. The winner receives double the bet, and the loser’s bet is deducted from their MaxCoin account. If the result is a draw, both players will have their bet refunded.

If you love dueling, pick up the Duels role from the #roles-and-faq channel in the MaxyLab Discord. This role lets you notify other duelers that you are looking for an opponent.

The MaxyLab Discord shop is the place to go when you want to spend your MaxCoins. Here you will find exclusive and limited NFTs from MaxyLab and partner collections, available for purchase only with MaxCoin. New items are added regularly, so check back often!

To access the shop, type $shop in #the-lab. The Scientist will reply with a list of current inventory, as well as the cost of each item and instructions for purchase. To see additional pages of inventory, type $shop 2 or $shop 3.

You will notice that some items in the shop inventory are reserved for people who hold Golden Memberships. If you see something you can’t resist, you can upgrade anytime by buying a Golden Membership NFT.

Shop will go through some changes soon! Stay close!

MaxyLab partners with some of the top names in the WAX ecosystem, introducing the MaxyLab community to exceptional projects, and giving other communities access to all MaxyLab has to offer. Collab stickers, distributed for free to verified members of partner communities, are both a tool for Discord admins and a way to introduce new members to MaxyLab.

MaxyLab’s current partners are:

  • Atomic Battle — a customizable collection where you will be able to blend your Character Cards with Superpower and Upgrades cards! The more you blend, the rarer the card! Currently there are 5 different Character Cards. Upgrade them to level 2 and craft a Superpower or Rare Superpower!
  • Blockchain Kingdoms develops Metasource Cards for the Wax platform. Each card is a unique, one of a kind game asset! A limited number are released each week. The cards earn tokens, drop NFTs daily, and can be upgraded! Metasource Cards also supply their owners with land for the Crypto Castles kingdom game. In addition, BCK is developing a blockchain based 5v5 arena game, scheduled for release in 2022.
  • BluDac aims to solve illiquid token markets by dramatically incentivizing liquidity pools. They have started on the WAX blockchain and will fire more rockets into orbit on other chains soon.
  • Corporate World — Enter a workplace like no other! BeelzeBoss’s unique aura has corrupted the long-time employees and morphed them into worst versions of themselves. Even objects in the office become sentient… having a mind of their own. Collection created by JonezyArt. NFTs in this collection give PP in WAX Arena.
  • Gods and Legends is an NFT collection on the WAX Blockchain. Game, trading cards, comics, physical NFTs and many more! The NFTs are focused on Gods and Legends from various different mythologies. Use your cards in the game, stake for income, and even use them in third-party NFT projects like WAX Arena & PolyPlay!
  • Yoshidrops — YoshiDrops is collectible music and moments from the artists you love. Members of the community can buy, sell and share their music and playlists to a global audience while empowering the artists, earning rewards and making the world a greener place. YoshiDrops are also music NFTs that produce oxygen, with 100% of the secondary market sales fees of the YoshiCoin going towards planting trees and producing more oxygen.

MaxyLab is constantly innovating, and new features are rolled out regularly. Follow MaxyLab on Medium, Twitter, Discord, and Telegram for all the latest announcements.

Coming soon:

  • Users can share a profile card across all servers that use The Scientist. This card displays information such as the user’s RAM and CPU status, achievements, token balances from partner collections, and avatars from the MaxyLab NFT collection.
  • New incentives for MaxyLab NFT collectors, with leaderboards and rewards for those who hold the most cards.
  • A new structure for collection partnerships, with fees that will go towards development costs.
  • MANY MORE PARTNERSHIPS AND SYSTEM UPGRADES! There is always something to improve!

Maxylab Team is full of surprises but time, sadly, is limited and good things take time to build.

Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.





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